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Cleaning Eco-Xtabs ™

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About us

With YouSea we want to create a cleaner world. For individuals or companies looking for products that complement a sustainable lifestyle or business. We do this with high-quality natural cleaning products, free from chemical substances and water-soluble tabs + aluminum refill bottle, making plastic bottles unnecessary. We aim for 0% plastic waste and a positive environmental impact. We achieve this by constantly moving. In this way, we ensure a pleasant hygienic living environment and the world around us.


YouSea Kudelstaartseweg 301 1433GJ Kudelstaart The Netherlands +31 850606219

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Cleaning Starter Pack 1 with 18 Eco-Xtabs™


To do good, you really have to do something

  • Start spring fresh with our best-selling starter kit.
  • Safe and proven to work for a clean and sustainable home.
  • Includes 3 reusable bottles and plastic-free refills.

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Eco-Xtabs interior cleaner

Mild ecological cleaner for the entire interior. Effortlessly removes dirt, dries streak-free and gives a fresh scent.

Suitable for: wood, natural stone, laminate, linoleum, glass, windows, doors, tables and cabinets.


Eco-Xtabs kitchen cleaner degreaser

Powerful, ecological and effective kitchen cleaner.

The special composition removes animal and vegetable fats and oils, proteins and burnt-on dirt on tiles, worktops, stainless steel, extractor hoods and deep fryers.

The product is unscented, biodegradable and phosphate-free and leaves no traces.

6 Eco Xtabs sanitary cleaner

Mild, ecological cleaner for daily cleaning of the entire bathroom

Ideal for: Effortlessly remove water stains, soap scum and lime soap. Prevents limescale, dries without streaks and gives your toilet, sink, tiling, chrome and taps a radiant shine and fresh scent.

The product is biodegradable.

    Cleans glass, chrome, stainless steel and tiles without streaks and leaves absolutely no fluff

    3 Aluminum spray head bottles with color codes 500 ml.


    3 x Aluminum Refillable Bottles

    Eco-Friendly packaging
    • Our aluminum refillable bottles and refills that you receive are there to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.
    •  By not shipping products with water and packaging that often goes to landfill. That's why we pack plastic-free.

    • All YouSea Eco-X tablets are made without parabens, phosphates, ammonia, VOC* or chlorine bleach
    • *Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a collection of substances belonging to different chemical families.
    • All our ingredients are vegan, gluten free, soy/nut free.

    • Citric acid                                                It is found in citrus fruits and is a natural preservative and antioxidant.
    • Ensures that stubborn dirt and grease is removed.
    • Sodium bicarbonate                                This will absorb the liquid in the tablet before it dissolves with water.
    • Alkyl polyglycoside                        Biodegradable and vegetable derived from sugars, these surfactants are mostly glucose derivatives. Keeps the tablet from crumbling before use and dissolves easily in water.
    • fumaric acid                                                        It occurs naturally in most fruits and vegetables. 
    • Sodium benzoate                                    Preserves the shelf life of the product and is identical to natural ingredients.
    • Perfume                                                           NNatural Perfume These plant-based fragrances include natural plant extracts such as herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables, usually in the form of essential oils to create a fresh sparkling aroma. Fortunately, it is easy to combine a plant-based lifestyle with a fragrance, as most fragrances contain these ingredients.


    This entire starter pack is safe to use without harming the environment


    These products have not been tested or used on animals and people we love them


    These Eco-Xtabs are Biodegradable, so naturally degraded


    Because plastic does not decay, we use refillable aluminum bottles

    Good to combine with your starter package

    You live plastic-free for life

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